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The Internet’s power to change culture lies in its ability to create likeminded communities out of previously isolated individuals.

Online Communities and their
Effect on Culture

Developing, maintaining and learning new technologies will be imperative to these young workers’ careers and will aid their acceptance into the job market of the next century.

The New Technology Toolbox

As an undergraduate, Clark Gradney never socialized.

Overcoming Shyness

Instead, he reached for a conservative trace of popcorn and, unwittingly, brushed his knuckle against Jessica’s. He felt the contact in his chest first, until it spindled down into the small hairs that sensed her skin... He pretended it was nothing.

Jessica Marie Gosbeck

Table of Contents

  1. Personal Information
    1. Auto-biography
    2. Résumé
  2. Non-fiction
    1. J410 Media as Social Institutions
      1. Online Communities and their Effect On Culture
      2. Media monopoly
      3. Potter's Box analysis of Absense of Malice
    2. J341 Newspaper Reporting
      1. The scarcity of women scientists
      2. Kirkwood Observatory: 100 years of stargazing
      3. Physics professor makes science accessible
      4. Photographer hopes to save arctic wildlands
      5. Engineering vital to solar team's success
      6. Western states test gay rights
    3. J360 Online Journalism
      1. Technology and the University
    4. J201 Reporting, Writing & Editing II
      1. The New Technology Toolbox
      2. The Trials of Physical Fitness (editor, page designer)
    5. J450 History of Journalism
      1. The rise and fall of African American democratic ideals in the Indianapolis World 1899-1904
      2. The evolution of American libertarian thought in Leonard W. Levy's Freedom of Speech and Press in Early American History: Legacy of Suppression
      3. The influence of post-Watergate fictional media in Lou Grant-The Making of TV's Top Newspaper Drama
    6. J300 Communications Law
      1. Kregos v. Associated Press legal brief
      2. Near v. Minnesota legal brief
    7. Indiana Daily Student
      1. Overcoming shyness
      2. Asian Culture Center becomes reality
      3. Board of Aeons helps shape University policy
      4. Panel discussions to help students network
      5. Students present films
      6. Committee funds unique community programs with 'laundry money'
      7. IU alum honored for lifetime of journalism
      8. Faculty Council examines IU plans
      9. Students raise money for smiles
      10. New administrator receives graduate award
    8. Y315 Political Psychology and Sociology
      1. Patterns of guilt and repentance in the life and work of Fyodor Dostoevsky
    9. A300 Issues in US History: Photography
      1. The slow process of democratizing photography in the United States
      2. Documentary photography's depiction of human subjects in Stange's Symbols of the Ideal Life
      3. Interaction of male and female gender roles in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
    10. S321 Sociology: Sexual Diversity
      1. Socialization of sexual repression as demonstrated by the Disney films Lady and the Tramp, The Little Mermaid and Mulan
    11. B351 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
      1. Artificially intelligent strategies for filtering offensive images on the Internet
    12. E103 Philosophy: The Meaning of Life
      1. Life's Question
      2. Existentialism spewing from Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea
    13. High School
      1. When the Moon Hits Your Eye
      2. There's No Good Resin For Violins
      3. The Hazing Trend
      4. It's Sugar, Spice and Everything Scary
      5. The Upper, Lower and Lacking Class
      6. Suffering Cliqueism
  3. Fiction
    1. Novels
      1. Malcolm Langley of the Sara Dimension
    2. Short stories
      1. Jessica Marie Gosbeck
      2. Solution to the Halting Problem
      3. Our Town 2004
      4. Juggling
    3. Humor
      1. Chem Carol
      2. Everything but a Room
      3. Reflections on the Sociological Implications of Mass Media
      4. Little Black Beret

Women are the minority in every traditional science oriented major except Biology...

The scarcity of women scientists

This study has attempted to highlight the contrasting opinions of the World's editors during 1899-1904 in order to sample the considerable conflict that obviously took place for black voters who were certainly disenfranchised by all sides.

Indianapolis World 1899-1904

Throughout his life, Fyodor Dostoevsky encountered the darkest depths of human emotion within himself. The undercurrents of murderous rage and subsequent guilt were a continuous theme in his writing, as well as, his psyche.

Patterns of guilt and repentance

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