Java App Blogging

Author: Mark Wilson

JAB is a client-side Java application that automates updating a web page using FTP. It can be used by people who do not have their web page on a server that supports scripting. JAB works by downloading the page to be changed and inserting new text below a marker that you place in your page, then FTP uploading the resulting web page.

Besides fitting each update's text into a template, JAB does not format text for you, therefore its intended end-user is someone who hand-codes their own HTML pages, but wants an automated system for inserting new updates.

Required files:

Running JAB:

Unzip, preserving the directory structure. This should create a directory called "jab".

On a Windows box, unzip /build/ftp.jar from into the jab directory and run "setupjab.bat" or, later, "runjab.bat". These batch files will properly configure your Java classpath for this session.

Otherwise, you can add both the jab directory and ftp.jar to the Java classpath manually. (e.g. "java -classpath <path to jab directory>;<path to ftp.jar> mawilson.jab.JABSwing")

Running mawilson.jab.JABSwing will show the setup dialog.

Read "readme.txt" for more information.

JAB comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. Read the included "license.txt" file for details.